About HISS Groomers

  I was in the Snowmobile Touring business in Breckenridge, CO for 12 years. When I sold the business I was operating 100 Snowmobiles, 4 trips per day on 36 miles of trail within the National Forest. There was an equal amount of private snowmobile traffic on these same trails, and that is a lot of traffic. I developed the High Speed Snow Groomer over the last five seasons to replace an aging Snow Cat operation. During those last five seasons the HISS groomer was the only snow groomer we used for our operation. At 4 feet wide, personal version of the groomer can be pulled by most two passenger snowmobiles. The 6 foot professional version is best pulled by a two speed wide track work sled, with 3/4 “ to 1” cleats you will have plenty of traction and power to travel at 20+MPH. Our trails climbed up the mountain 1,000 feet with no problems, so it doesn’t matter how big or small your grooming needs are, a HISS groomer will work for you.

HISS Groomers In NewsA Personal Snow Grooming Equipment

The HISS Groomer is a great choice for snowmobile tour operators, snowmobile clubs, cross-country ski trails, and personal snowmobile trail maintenance. Get quality groomed trails without the cost and expense of a snowcat operation.

The HISS Groomer is easy to operate, it only takes about 30 minutes to learn how to groom trails with the High Speed Snow Groomer.

The HISS Groomer performs well in shallow snow conditions, allowing the operator to follow the contour of the trail and fill in low areas of the trail with the simple push of a button